IGL-1325 New machinery laser cutting machine, metal and nonmetal mixing machine

Product description:

New machinery laser cutting machine, metal and nonmetal mixing machine is new design Mixed cutting machine, Specialized in cutting stainless steel, ...

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IGL-1325 New machinery laser cutting machine, metal and nonmetal mixing machine




Working area


Laser power


Work table

Blades with sawtooth

Working speed


Position accuracy


Compatible format


Cooling mode

Water-cooling and protection system

Power voltage

AC220±10%  50~60HZ, 10A max

Operation humidity

5%-95%(No Condensation )

Operation temperature


Type of laser tube

Sealed co2 glass laser tube


X,Y axis servo,Z axis stepper

Controlling system


Applicable industry

Mainly used for advertising industry(stainless metal and carbon steel), sheet metal industry(carbon steel), packaging industry(die board) and so on

Product characteristics:

1.Mixed-cut:metal-Stainless steel, carbon steel and non-metal-acrylic, board

2.High precision:Imported Fushi servo with imported ball screw transmission greatly improve the response speed and cutting precision of equipment, extend the time of using

3.Constant light system: first apply the constant light, achieving high precision cutting of the whole area

Laser machine ⁄ Laser beam ⁄ Water chiller


Q:The laser cutting machine power is on, but the laser head does not move, and the LCD displays nothing.

A :Please check if the fuse in the general power is burnt and if burnt, please repair.

Q: The machine power is on, LCD displays “Loading” at first, then, it displays “Waiting”, but the laser head does not move:

A: Check if the “Movement precision” of the motherboard is over the right range ,it’s very common after you replace the motherboard.

Q: The machine power is on, the laser head moves, and LCD displays “Loading” all the time:

A: it shows the LCD control board (which is under the LCD) or the motherboard is broken.

Q: The machine power is on, LCD displays normally, but the laser head and the bridge can’t move:

A:  Please push the laser head and bridge by hand, if they can move easily, it means there is something wrong with the motors or the motor drivers. Please check which one is broken by exchanging the X and Y motors or motor drivers. Replace the broken one after identifying. You can also check if the motor cables are well connected.

Q: Why no laser beam output

A: Check the water circulation:

If no water output, please check the water pump (or chiller) itself can output water or not if not please replace a new one instead.
If water output no problem please make sure that the chiller output connect to the machine inlet water pipe, and the chiller input connect to the machine outlet.