Today Caroline’s client come to our factory

Today Caroline’s client come to our factory, this client is from Egypt.

This client is agent, main deal with cnc router and laser cutting machine.He is interested in multi spindle cnc router and 4 axis cnc router

We take him around our factory and workshop, show him the ATC CNC Router IGA1325, the 4 axis cnc router IGC2090, and the pneumatic cnc router IGP1325.

In our workshop, we show him the different working area, the Assembles Area, the Painting Area, the Testing Area and the Packing Area,etc. This client care about the scale and the strength, and the details. Just at this moment, one 4 axis cnc router is making samples. So we take client to see the machining and samples.

After visit of workshop, we take client to the meeting room. This client inquiry prices of some machine. He is very satisfied with our factory scale and the strength, and like to order one machine to check quality. He wants the IGA1325 cnc router in storage. After calling with our boss, we give this client the best agent price. Then we sign contract and the client pay cash at present.

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