The client from Iraq visit our factory

Today Mary’s client come to our factory, this client is from Iraq.

This client is end user, main deal with wooden products and furniture products. He need a 2000x3000mm 5 axis cnc router. As this machine spindle head is flexible. He want to work in sculpture and engraving, drilling, sanding.

We take him around our factory and workshop, show him the 1325 5 axis CNC Router. In our workshop, we make one wood sample for client. The engineer opreate machine and make engraving,drilling and cutting on the wood.At same time, we let client look the machine operations and software operations. The client is very satisfied with samples. But about price, the client only have budget of 18000usd. So we show him the 4 axis cnc router too and make samples with this machine.

After visit of workshop, we take client to the meeting room. We offer best price for the 5 axis cnc router and 4 axis cnc router. Finally this client choose 4 axis cnc router. Then we sign contract and the client pay cash at present.

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