ATC cnc router tool magazine failures

(1) atc cnc router magazine cannot be turned or rotated
The reasons are as follows:
1.The loose coupling of the motor shaft and the worm shaft;
2.The inverter should be checked whether the input or output voltage of the inverter is normal or not;
3.The PLC has no control output and may be the failure of the relay in the interface board;
4.The connection is too tight, or the butter is sticky;
5.The grid voltage is too low (should not be lower than 370 V);
6.The motor rotation fault;
7 Transmission mechanism error.

(2) atc cnc router tool sleeve cannot clamp the tool
The reasons are:
Loose adjustment nut on the knife sleeve or the spring is too loose, resulting in insufficient clamping force; the tool is overweight.

(3) atc cnc router knife sleeve is not up and down
The reasons are as follows:
improper adjustment of the device or excessive processing error causes the position of the fork to be incorrect; due to improper installation or improper adjustment of the limit switch, the feedback signal is incorrect.

(4) atc cnc router tool sleeve can not be removed or stay for a period of time to disassemble
The reasons are:

the knife sleeve is loose at 90° and the air pressure is insufficient; the shaft of the knife sleeve is rusted.

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