woodworking cnc router price

When people buy woodworking CNC router, they are most concerned about price, quality, transportation and after sale.

Today let's talk about the price of woodworking CNC router.The price below is only a reference, the specific price is determined according to the manufacturer and machine configuration.

woodworking CNC router

First, the price of the machine is different according to the different configuration. The single head woodworking CNC router is a minimum configuration machine. Its price is about 5000 dollars. This machine only has one machining spindle and needs manual knife change.

woodworking CNC router
Then there is a second kind of woodworking cnc router. This kind of machine has multiple processing spindles at the same time. Three or four processes do not need to manually change the tool. The whole process is completely completed by the machine.Its price is around 8000 dollars.

woodworking CNC router

The last one is ATC woodworking CNC router, which has a knife library, with more than a dozen knives in it, no manual work, but the price is the most expensive, about $13000.

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